Analisis Perbandingan Penalaran Sistem Hukum Islam (Kajian Baligh/Dewasa dalam Perkawinan)

Riyanto Riyanto


In one legal system with another, of course there are differences and similarities. However, not infrequently the differences will lead to contradictions and confusion that have an impact on the legalization of personal interests. If this happens, the government must be more responsive to provide an understanding of the differences and similarities so that there are no more contradictions and legalization of personal interests. The approach method used in this study is a normative juridical approach. The research specification is descriptive analysis. The type of data is in the form of primary legal materials and secondary legal materials, then the collected data is analyzed qualitatively, while normative is chosen because this research is a library research, and further processing of the collected data will be analyzed through three stages, namely data selection, data presentation, and drawing conclusions on activities on an ongoing basis, then repeated to form a cycle that allows to produce sufficient final conclusions. The results show that understanding the differences in the legal system will actually provide benefits to the community in shaping their behavior patterns. When the public really understands the comparison of the existing legal system, there will be interaction between the community and the legal system which in the end the legal system will actually regulate the behavior patterns of the community. So that it becomes a society that obeys and has a good legal culture.

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